Global Concert Hall
Bohórquez / Nagy

Live concert, 18th June 2020

Global Concert Hall:

“Bohórquez / Nagy - On the Shoulders of Giants”

Throughout their lives, Robert and Clara Schumann maintained intensive contact with composers, musicians, students and anyone coming to them for advice. In 1853 Robert used his final essay, "Neue Bahnen" (New Paths), to introduce the 20-year-old Johannes Brahms to the musical world, hailing him as a genius – a moment that cemented the composers' affinity with one another.

For this concert, cellist Claudio Bohórquez and pianist Péter Nagy take you to the heart of this relationship, performing Schumann's groundbreaking song-cycle Dichterliebe ("A Poet's Love"), arranged for cello, alongside his Three Romances Op. 94 and Brahms's Cello Sonata No. 2 of 1886 – all repertoire that has featured on their recent award-winning albums on Berlin Classics.


1. Concert – 60 mins

2. Encore: You will be able to submit your choice through an online form – 5 mins

3. Virtual Green Room: Following the performance, the artists will stay online to answer your questions. You will be able to submit them beforehand through an online form – 20 mins


The programme highlights works by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms

Robert Schumann - Dichterliebe op. 48
Robert Schumann - Romanzen op. 94
Johannes Brahms - Sonate op. 99

Encore (audience vote):

Johannes Brahms – Ungarische Tänze WoO: Hungarian Dance No. 1
Johannes Brahms – Ungarische Tänze WoO: Hungarian Dance No. 7 
Johannes Brahms – Lieder op. 105: No. 1, Wie Melodien zieht es mir
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